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So you wanna know about me do you? Well, I turned 21 on the fifth of January, of 2003. Scary thought. I don't think I'm ready to enter my twenties yet. I know, everyone tells me it's no big deal, but, it's so different! My teenage years are over.

I quit school (again). Decided the program just wasn't right for me, and I couldn't do it anymore. So, I've spent this time working, and taking some time off for myself, and it's been absolutely wonderful!

I'm about 5'9, 5'10 ish, ( yeah, I'm short). I have mood eyes....meaning they are usually browny green, but change to brite green when I'm in a certian mood, which we won't get into. My hair, technically is blond. However, it's a little multicolored..which I think is cool. I used to be your typical geek, I had the braces and glasses...but, four years later, I'm left with a $4800 smile, that I suppose, was worth the pain. So now, I'm cute again! stop laughing, please, it hurts :(

I live on my own with my two adorable kitties, Tico and Pooka. They are six months old, and make my life hell! But, regardless, I love them both very very much anyways.

I was born and raised in Exeter Ontario, a little town with a population of about 4400 in south western Ontario. It's cute, and I hope to go back there some day. But for now, I had to give it up. From there, I moved to St. Thomas, to live with my ex, our room mate, and my cat. However, I didn't like it there, so we didn't stay to long! Now, as of December 2000, we moved to London Ontario. I'm now living on my own, still in London though, just me and the kitties now!

I'm the youngest in a complicated family of six. Not an easy or quick story to explain, and I don't exactly like a few members of my family, so I'm just gonna leave it at that.

My main interest is my music. I play piano, and flute. I took vocal lessons for awhile, but gave them up, cause when it comes to singing for people, I tend to get shy. I love to read...Danielle Steel being my new favourite author. This internet stuff if pretty interesting.. this homepage will be constantly changing, just cause I like the programming stuff.

Anyways, That's my life, in a nutshell... Check out the rest of my stuff, and don't forget to sign the book.